Special Service by Alphacrucis University College

15 May, 2022 Rev Dr Dean O'Keefe

This week we were blessed to have several students from Alphacrucis University College take over several parts of the service sharing their powerful testimonies with us.


Raising the Dead to Life

8 May, 2022 Pastor Jane Leech

Being Mother Day, Ps Jane, the mother of the house, brings a word on raising the dead to life. Sharing from Ezekiel 37 and the valley of dry bones, Jane reminds us that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. It’s his desire for us to have fresh anointing, renewed promises and a renewed purpose. Have you had promises spoken over you that need to call back into being? Start calling them out and combine it with pray and the reading of God’s word and just see what God can breathe back to life!

Main Scripture: Ezekiel 37:1-14


Light The Fire Within

1 May, 2022 Pastor Garry Leech

With a theme that flowed throughout our entire service today, Ps Garry's message is a stirring reminder of our calling as God's people. It's time to re-ignite the fire - the passion - for Christ and stepping out to bring change to the world around us.


Power In Sacrifice

24 April, 2022 Matt Tyas

This week Matt Tyas brings us a word on the power that can be had in sacrificing something of ourselves for others through Jesus.


I Am The Resurrection & The Life

17 April, 2022 Pastor Garry Leech

On Resurrection Sunday, Ps Garry recounts the story of Lazarus and Martha's faith in Jesus. She had the faith that Lazarus would rise again in the resurrection on the last day, but Jesus is the resurrection and the life and has that power now!

Main Scripture: John 11:1-44


Good Friday 2022

15 April, 2022 Jo Stanford

Jo brings our Good Friday message, drawing on her experiences in Israel and the sacrifice he made.


Word for Infuse Church

10 April, 2022 Pastor Steve McCracken

In our online service, Ps Steve McCracken brings a word that was on his heart from his recent visit to Infuse Church. Trusting in what God has in store for us and the kingdom.


David Hall - Message to Infuse Church

3 April, 2022 Pastor David Hall

In our online only service, the pastor of LifePoint Church, Ps David Hall speaks, into the life of Infuse Church and encourages us on the journey of moving forward together as the body of Christ.


Being In Christ

27 March, 2022 Pastor Steve McCracken

In our theme for the weekend, Ps Steve shares on being "in Christ". Having a relationship that focuses on him, hearing from him, and him working through us. He's a good and happy God, one that loves us.