2 December, 2020

Updated Service Information - COVID 19

Hi Wonderful Infuse Church Family,

With the Government restrictions that we are currently operating under, we have a cap on the number of people that can attend our Sunday morning service and this includes team members. We are asking everyone (including children) to register please. Even if you are one of our team members, please register yourself and your family. To help us ensure we don’t breach our Covid-19 plan, we are asking that all registrations be submitted before 12noon this Saturday by email (community@infusechurch.org.au) or phone message please (0428886186).

This will be our first Sunday using the QR Reader, so perhaps look in to this before you arrive on Sunday. The QR Code will be displayed as you enter. Simply:

- get the mySA GOV app up on your phone.

- press the 'COVID-Safe Check-in' button down the bottom

- hold your camera over the square box, QR Code (the app will automatically detect the code)

- enter your details and press next

- verify your details by entering the code you were just sent via text message (this is only needed the first time)

- press the 'Check-in' button

- Congratulations! You will have checked in!

**Check-in via the QR Code is preferred, however if you do not have a smart phone, and cannot check-in with this method, then we will manually check you in when you arrive.**

Infuse Kids will be in their program the whole service and, parents, you can check your children in from 9:45am (with their drink bottles). You will then need to head around to the front of the church to check yourself in. You do not need to check children in with a QR Code, this is for parents/guardians only. Adults, you will be able to check yourself in, using the QR Code, when you head around to the Main Sanctuary.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide any food or drinks after the service, so please ensure you bring a bottle of water etc if needed.

Jane and I appreciate you all so much. You have continued to love and support us, but more importantly, you’ve not let these restrictions stop you from gathering together where possible to love God, worship God and experience His amazing presence. We believe this Sunday you will encounter God – we believe to the core of our being.

If you have any questions or have any prayer requests or practical needs, please let us know – we’re here to love and support you to the best of our ability.

All our love,

Garry & Jane xx

1 July, 2020

New - Updated Service Information - Stage 3

Hi Spirit Filled Infuse Church Family,

Jane and I are really excited about this Sunday’s worship experience at Infuse Church for a number of reasons:

- We “Get” to worship the Lord and experience His presence. We “Get” to hear His Word. We “Get” to be encouraged and encounter the Holy Spirit.

- You don’t need to register to attend our service!!! How good is that! We would still ask you to check in with our amazing Welcoming Team just so that we can continue to comply with the Government & Health Department requirements in maintaining a record of all who attend the service please.

- You can sit anywhere you feel comfortable to sit on Sunday! We recognise some may feel more comfortable in needing space around you, so please speak with our amazing Welcoming Team, who will do all we can to ensure you feel safe in the service.

- Our creche is available for use if you need it, however, feel free to worship with everyone as a family too.

- Please don’t forget to bring a drink bottle for yourself, as we are still unable to provide any hot or cold beverages and our kitchen will be closed – why not head out for a meal with another family to a café or restaurant or perhaps ring someone today and invite them over for a meal after the service.

- We will continue to do all we can to ensure the building is clean, safe and comfortable for you on Sunday. If you’re able to help after the service with a few cleaning jobs, that would be so good.

- We’re kicking off A New Series centred around “Faith” – so excited by this! Why not continue to immerse yourself in the Word of God and search out His Word about faith – let it begin to stir in you, grow in you, excite you and encourage you. Even as I write this email, I sense the presence of the Holy Spirit surrounding you – take a moment; close your eyes and welcome Him; allow Him to touch your heart and bring peace, healing and the fragrance of Heaven. He loves you so very much.

Come expecting the Holy Spirit to move in your life on Sunday. You won’t leave disappointed – God never disappoints.

All our love,

Ps Garry & Jane xx

24 June, 2020

Updated Service Information

Hello Loved & Faithful Infuse Church Family,

Jane and I and all our team leaders were overjoyed by so many coming out and being part of our Worship Service last Sunday. Thank you to all who helped facilitate this service, and the cleaning afterwards.

We LOVE being back in the house together! Again, church is back at Infuse Church THIS SUNDAY :)

We want to make our service as safe and enjoyable as possible for you all. So, we need your help please.


Please RSVP by email to: pastorgarry@infusechurch.org.au or by phoning Ps Garry on 0428 886 186.

Due to the restrictions that we MUST comply with, we will be taking registrations to 3 specific areas of the church service. Those areas are:

Main Service: All people attending the main service in the sanctuary – please register for this area.

Infuse Kids: All children aged between 4yrs to 12yrs who will be attending the Infuse Kids Program – please register for this area. On Sunday, please sign your children in to this area before you make your way to the area that you are registered for. Please sign your children out of this area at the conclusion of the service.

Creche / Young Families: This is a dedicated room for families with young children and those who may need the use of the creche during the service. If you think this is a need that you have, please register your whole family to this area (with the exception of children who will be registered in to Infuse Kids). Please note that it is not compulsory to register in to this room, however the creche will not be available to those who are booked in to the Main Sanctuary as we are required to keep rooms separate as best we can.

If you are unable to attend the service and you have registered to attend, can you please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can arrange for those on the waiting list, so that they can attend and be part of the service.

IMPORTANT INFO RE: ONLINE SERMON - As we will now be using the main message from our service for our online service, it will not be available until we’ve been able to upload it to the various platforms – we are hopeful this will be on Sunday afternoon, however as we are still very new at this, please be patient with us, as we work out the best method of doing all this.


- If you are sick or feel unwell, please stay at home and enjoy our online service experience (see info above).

- Please make regular use of the hand sanitiser stations at the entry to the church & kid’s areas, as well as numerous other areas.

- Wave to others rather than hugs or handshakes.

- Please only use the aisles and foyer as a walkway and take conversations outside or invite someone out for drink or meal.

- Communion will be provided for you as you enter the church. Please dispose of the rubbish in the bins provided at the rear of the sanctuary, this can be done as you leave after the service.

- We suggest that you still utilise online giving as the primary method to tithe, however if you must give by cash there will be a facility for you to do this at the rear of the sanctuary.

- Please do not sit on seats with a sign saying “Due to spatial distancing this seat is reserved – Angels Only”

- There will be no hot or cold drinks or any food available – You will need to provide your own drinks.

- At the conclusion of the service, we would encourage everyone to take someone home to enjoy a meal together, or perhaps even a café / restaurant.

- And last but not least, if you are available to help with cleaning of the church after the service, we’d really appreciate all the help we can get. Just let Ps Garry know when you register your attendance for the service.

We are doing all we can to ensure you have an encounter God this Sunday, but also that we do so wisely, safely and honouring of our government and health officials.

We thank you for your continued love and support for Infuse Church. If you have any questions about what’s currently happening with our Infuse Church Service, please don’t hesitate to either email or ring us. If anything changes, we’ll certainly let you know, so please keep an eye out for any emails from us at Infuse Church.

If you can stay after the service to help us with the cleaning of the various areas, that would be a huge help.

Can we encourage you to come hungry for a move of God on Sunday. Come ready to worship & praise Him. Come ready to impart life into others as you meet them on Sunday. Come ready for the Holy Spirit to flow & transform our lives.

We look forward to being with you again,

Garry & Jane xx