Infuse Community Care

We look to actively meet the needs of people at Infuse Church and our wider community. We care about people, so we look to be a church where people care for others. Whether it’s practical needs being met or a simple phone call to say we’re thinking of you, we want you to know you matter to God and to us.

How can you help?

Please reach out to those that you know call Infuse Church their home. If you don’t know their phone number, please ask us and we’ll do what we can to connect you together.

If you have, or hear of, a prayer need - let us know here.

If you have, or hear of someone who has, a need - let us know here.

If you have a heart to reach out to people, then talk to us and become part of a team of people just doing what Jesus would do – loving and caring for others and meeting some real needs for real people.

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